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As reported by the Royal College of Nursing in their Article of the 13th April 2016 and in the BBC Radio Drive Time News on 30th March 2016. has recently been accepted by the NHS as being of significant benefit to patients, loved ones and care staff. It is currently in the NHS innovation pathway. It also appeared on the 3rd May 2017 as a valuable new resource in the FabNHSstuff publication.
Anyone can download the PDF files at the bottom of the page on this website under the titles of:
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These PDF files can be used to email or they can be printed out for inclusion in care plan documentation given to patients when coming into hospital and for distribution to wards, patients and relatives.

We have also featured in several regional newspapers and as a local Television early and late evening news item.

Our free service was created out of a desire to help save stress, time and money for patients, those receiving care, loved ones, relatives, special people and nurses and carers easing the number of calls made to hospital and care wards.

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