How it works

It is simple to save your time and money and the care provider’s time and money. The patient or special person acting with the patient‘s permission  provides their email address, their name and password to get their own FREE secure latest update area with Patient Latest. The patient exclusively controls who can read any messages or latest updates that they make in their private area.

You provide updates as to the patient‘s latest situation within their secure message board. Email invitations are sent to  loved one’s, family, relatives, friends and special people that want to be informed of the patients latest situation.

No one else can see your unique security protected patient message board page.

Think of it like having your own safety deposit box and the patient has the only keys to it. The patient can open the box and leave a message inside then lock the box. The only people who can read the message inside are those selected by and given permission to do so by the patient. Think of them as people exclusively given a key by the patient. They can unlock the box and read the patients update messages and also leave messages inside the box for the patient.

No one else has access to the locked box. The content of the box isn’t sent anywhere or to anyone. The key holders given exclusive access by the patient to updates are only allowed to view the update information and messages by logging in. This information is securely held. We are registered under the Data Protection Act.

Step 1

Create a message area

If you are the patient then simply register to get your totally free and secure message area enabling you to note your medical updates and progress .  If you are the patient‘s partner, next of kin or care giver and you have the patient‘s permission to do so you may get them a free to use secure message area to note their medical updates and progress upon the patients behalf.


Step 2

Look around your message area

Provide your details for love one’s relatives and friends to keep them informed about your medical condition and progress. Simply keep it updated when you have any new information that you want to let them know. This saves a lot of  time and effort in not having to make and take phone calls and texts or repeat yourself over and over again. You give one secure message and it’s made available to your chosen people to keep them up to date with your situation. Every time your situation or circumstances change it’s simply a case of adding a new message. The website notifies your chosen people that you have updated your situation by emailing them direct on your behalf. They can then login easily but securely to view your update.


Step 3

Invite others to join in

List the email addresses of those special people who are to be given exclusive updates on your  situation the ‘Secure key holders’. Only they will have access to your patient updates and be able to leave messages.

Message updates

Keep your private secure message area updated when you have any new information you want to exclusively  share with loved one’s, relatives or friends, your secure key holders. Your time and effort is saved by not having to make or take phone calls, texts or to repeat yourself over and over. The same is true if you have the patient‘s permission and have created an account on their behalf. Obviously you are still free to phone and text who you wish. Our service is a valuable additional private contact method. You can access us using a smart phone and Internet. It isn’t always possible to get a signal to make a phone call or make a text whilst in a hospital. You don’t always have privacy on a ward to make or take a call.

We email registered users asking them to check your exclusive private secure message area every time you make an update.


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