Hello world!

Hello, this site was created for you as a means to save effort, time and money at a difficult time.

At such time it is important to keep everyone we love and care about informed and to give them all the same information to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Patientlatest lets you control your message and update your situation with the latest information as often as you want to. Wherever your personally selected and invited ‘special people’ are they will receive an immediate notification each time you leave a latest update message. They can then read your latest update message and leave you a message in return too if they wish. No one other than you or your ‘special people’ will be able to read any of the messages that are left in your secure message posting area.

This service not only helps you but it can also help care staff who may have to take time to answer queries as to how you are many times each day. I was once told that I was the third person to have rang a ward in twenty minutes asking about a particular patient. The other two were my brothers and the patient was my father. Neither had an opportunity  to let me know that they had already called for a latest update.

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