How do I create my free secure private update area?

When logged in, go to the New Message Board page and follow the instructions on screen. Give your message board a title and an introduction then invite friends and family to join by entering their email address.

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How do I make an update?

Go to your message board and send a message.

Who is is the Internet name of Patient Latest Limited, a private limited company registered in England and Wales. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and are also VAT registered. Our secure Internet server is located in England. Your information is secure and private we do not read, sell or pass your information to anyone!

How do I include a person on my list?

Add their email address and send them an invitation. Head to the section labelled Invite more people to join on your message board, or click on the Invite more to join link underneath the title, at the top of the message board.

Are my updates really private?

“We do not read your private updates to loved one’s or their messages to you. We do not sell or divulge this information to anyone. Your absolute privacy is our priority at all times! Only the loved one’s and special people invited by you into your exclusive secured private group will be able to read all of your updates and the messages left for you.”

How do I edit incorrect email addresses?

If you send an invitation to an incorrect email address you can cancel the invitation by clicking on the button next to their email address. You can then send out a new invitation by entering their email under Invite more people to join.

How do I delete a person from my list?

If the person you wish to remove has not yet signed up for an account you can cancel their invitation  button next to their email address.

If they already have an account you can still remove them from the Guest list on your message board.

How do I delete an update or replace it?

Simply click on the box ‘Remove this message’ next to the message you want removing on your message board.

How do I edit a comment I may have left for the patient or person receiving care or resident in a residential care or nursing home?

If the comment has already been posted it is easier to delete it altogether using the button ‘Remove this message’ on your message board and type in a replacement.

I  am a carer can I generate a page for a patient or resident or individual in receipt of care?

Yes if you have the permission of the patient or person in receipt of care, a next of kin or person with Acting Power of Attorney who has given you their permission to sign up on the behalf of the patient or resident or individual in receipt of care.

I  am  not a patient in hospital but a person in receipt of medical care or a resident in a care facility, care home or nursing home can I still have my own secure posting page?

Yes you can.

How do I change my password?

Simply use the Forgotten your password? link under the sign in box. You will be emailed a link enabling you to set up a replacement password.

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