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Patient Latest provides a free service that allows a patient, spouse, partner, next of kin or authorised caregiver to provide the patients latest update on their condition and progress to their loved one’s, relatives, friends and special people, safely and securely, in private, as often as is practical. By providing this information the patients nominated ‘people’ are given exclusive access to their secure private updates.

Only the patient or authorised person setting up the secure service on behalf of the patient or care receiver and the patients  invited ‘people’ have access to their secure updates. Patients can add or remove ‘people’ to their exclusive group at any time.

Simply ask the people you wish to keep informed about your situation for their email address either before your hospital admission or as and when you contact them or they contact you. You then log into your private secure area, insert their email address and invite them to join. They are then automatically contacted on your behalf and invited to join as one of your exclusive guests and may receive access to your updates and leave messages for you to read at your convenience.

This keeps everyone  informed and in contact. Patient Latest  allows the patients ‘special people’ to leave messages posted on their secure page which the patient can access and appreciate. This saves an immense amount of time. By using this free service we remove part of the stress that inevitably occurs when you are a patient or care receiver and for the loved one or  special person finding themselves either voluntarily or by chance the ‘go to’ contact person for information about the patient in hospital or a resident in a care facility.

Obviously you are still free to phone and text who you wish. Our service is a valuable additional private contact method. You can access us using a smart phone and Internet or tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It isn’t always possible to get a signal to make a phone call or to make a text whilst in a hospital. You don’t always have privacy on a ward to make or take a call.

We remove the stress that used to be unavoidable making it simple to keep in touch.  Using a phone or texting takes up a lot of time keeping everyone updated as to the patients condition and to hopefully report on any progress with their recovery. Not only is it necessary to make numerous phone calls and texts but it is also necessary to take numerous telephone calls and reply to texts from concerned relatives, friends and special people. This can take up an enormous amount of time. Sometimes the patient literally doesn’t have the strength for such a task and it is left to a loved one or special person to be responsible for keeping everyone informed and updated and to deal with the calls and texts asking for the latest on the patients condition. Particularly so during early stages and with chronic illnesses. The same message is essentially repeated over and over again by the patient to their special people.

Now not only can we save patients, relatives, friends and special people time and money but also the hospital and care providers too just by using our free, secure Patient Latest private update service. Many phone calls are fielded by care staff every day where the same message is repeated over and over to a patients relatives. If a nurse’s time is engaged talking on the phone then they are not free at that time to do other tasks.

We believe an enormous amount of time and money can be saved by all concerned simply by using this site. Our means of providing help to do this is COMPLETELY FREE..There are NO HIDDEN COSTS OF ANY KIND and NO STRINGS ARE ATTACHED. ONLY  YOU AND YOUR EXCLUSIVELY INVITED PEOPLE CAN READ YOUR UPDATE MESSAGES.


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